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Bonsai Album v2.6 update now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The Bonsai Album v2.6 update is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Bonsai Album makes keeping track of your bonsai or penjing collection easy, whether you’re new to bonsai, a collector, a dealer, or even a bonsai master.

Bonsai Album

This update contains the following changes:

Note: This update requires iOS 6 or higher!

  • Added iOS 9 support
  • Added iPad Pro support
  • Bug fixes

If you’re enjoying the app, please take a moment to rate or review it on the App Store!

You can learn more about Bonsai Album at my website or on the Bonsai Album Facebook group.

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Bonsai Album for PC v1.2.0.0 update now available

Bonsai Album for PC

Bonsai Album makes keeping track of your bonsai or penjing collection easy, whether you’re new to bonsai, a collector, a dealer, or even a bonsai master.

The Bonsai Album for PC v1.2.0.0 update is now available.

For existing customers, click ‘Check for Updates…’ in the Help menu within the app and follow the prompts to update.

This update contains the following changes:

  • Increased thumbnail-sized photo resolution.
  • Bug fixes.

You can learn more about Bonsai Album at my website or on the Bonsai Album Facebook group.

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2015 Retrospective

With the start of a new year, it’s a good time for one last look back at the previous year.

I don’t have too many complaints about 2015. The day job was a madhouse for much of the year, involving stacks of overtime and some overseas travel. Both of our old cars continue to test the pocketbook, and finances will prevent their replacement anytime soon. On the bright side, I finally paid off my large medical bill, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Revisiting my 2015 goals, I wasn’t able to focus on writing so much. I didn’t go back to my novel at all, though I wrote a bunch of short stories instead. I mostly expended a huge amount of effort on my apps. In addition to 20+ iOS app updates, I released 3 new PC apps and an Apple TV app.

During 2015 I wrote a new Lovecraftian story and a whole bunch of flash fiction. From the latter I selected the two best stories to enter the Pseudopod flash fiction competition. One of the two stories made it past the first round, but was knocked out in the second. It was loads of fun to create some glimpses of new worlds and characters, so it’s something I’d like to do more of in the future.

Last year I read several writing books and watched some James Patterson Master Class writing lectures, as well as another lecture by Dean Wesley Smith and the folks at WMG Publishing. While there were no mind-blowing revelations, there were plenty of cool things to add to my writing toolbox.

My experiments in self-publishing fell flat, leaving me to conclude that short stories are a very tough sell at the present time. Then again, I can’t discount the possibility that my stories really sucked!

I had one story enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (KU) for 3 months, but had zero borrows over that time. If you’re a reader signed up for a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you would’ve been able to read it for free (i.e. borrow). The economics of the program changed during the year, which means it’s no longer possible to earn substantially more per short story download from a KU borrow vs a direct purchase at 99 cents. What was odd was making a handful of sales after pulling that particular story from KU.

While sales at Amazon were bad, everywhere else was completely dismal (zero!). As a result, I have since made both stories permanently free on all eBook platforms. I’m now getting a steady trickle of downloads, but still only on Amazon.

I did okay with keeping my stories out for submission at traditional markets, but like always, could’ve done better.

In 2015 I read twice as many books as the previous year. It probably helped there weren’t too many phonebook-sized tomes in the list. I took part in the Goodreads Reading Challenge which was a great motivator. Like last year, I read almost exclusively in eBook form. Here are my 2015 reads:

Threshold by Sean Platt and David Wright
The Martian by Andy Weir
Supercharge Your Kindle Sales: Simple Strategies to Boost Organic Traffic on Amazon, Sell More Books, and Blow Up Your Author Mailing List by Nick Stephenson
The Cormorant by Chuck Wendig
Invasion by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant
Writing High-Performance .NET Code by Ben Watson
Alamo Rising by Josh Rountree and Lon Prater
Contact by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant
Reader Magnets: Build Your Author Platform and Sell More Books on Kindle by Nick Stephenson
Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing by Libbie Hawker
Playing the Short Game: How to Market & Sell Short Fiction by Douglas Smith
Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn
5,000 Words Per Hour: Write Faster, Write Smarter by Chris Fox
Colonization by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Lifelong Writing Habit: The Secret to Writing Every Day by Chris Fox
Build IOS Games with Sprite Kit: Unleash Your Imagination in Two Dimensions by Jonathan Penn and Josh Smith
Stories From July by Dean Wesley Smith
Fiction Unboxed by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt
Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace

I continued to listen to short fiction podcasts on my daily commute via Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and PodCastle. I highly recommend them, even to people who might not be short fiction readers. The podcasts are free, but please send a few bucks their way if you enjoy listening.

Now for some stats:

2015 Stats:

New apps released: 4
App updates released: 21 (includes Lite and Paid versions)
2015 Word count: 13,958
Stories written: 14
Stories published: 0
Total submissions: 12
Total acceptances: 0
Total rejections: 12
Waiting for response: 0
Books read: 20
Comics read: 12

As mentioned above, I did a huge amount of work on my apps in 2015. I released 4 new apps and even more updates than last year.

My iOS and Mac apps continued their steady sales decline, with most almost reaching saturation point for their respective niches. Revenue for my iOS and Mac apps is roughly flat compared with the previous year. My PC apps didn’t do as well as expected, but they still helped minimize the impact of the lower sales of the rest.

Near the end of March I released Bonsai Album for PC. This is the PC version of my Mac bonsai tracking app, and it contains pretty much the same features. Like the Mac version, this app is localized into 7 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese. There were some particular challenges on the PC platform with respect to obtaining a code-signing certificate and getting the licensing code working, but I was able to reuse this work in my other PC apps.

In mid-May I released the PC version of my submission tracking app for writers, Story Tracker.

In July I announced Bonsai Album for Android, taking my first tentative steps into Android app development.

September saw the release of the PC version of my iOS orchid collection tracking app, Orchid Album. Like the iOS version, this app is localized into 6 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

In October I released an Apple TV version of my flying jackalope game, Flapalope. This was a fun exercise, since Apple TV apps are quite similar to iOS apps. I’m using the Cocos2D game development framework again. I also had fun creating a game trailer on YouTube. A single 99c purchase unlocks both the iOS and Apple TV versions. Unfortunately the Apple TV App Store launch was botched in the first few weeks, leading to most apps being difficult to find. The situation has only marginally improved since.

Despite having made a grand total of 63 cents from this new game, I was excited to work on another one. This time around it’s an untitled shoot-em-up, also done with Cocos2D. The prototype is already working on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV with the same codebase, and also has game controller support on all three platforms. I’m still trying to decide which direction I’ll take the game, but I’m hoping to release it sometime this year.

Another big milestone this year was finally obtaining my U.S. citizenship! I’ve been eligible to apply for years, but with the looming 10-year expiry and renewal of my greencard, it was time to do some serious thinking. I applied in January, studied furiously for the test, and the interview and subsequent ceremony was in May.

My interest in bonsai waned further in 2015. I lost a few more trees during the horrendous winter, which added to the tally from the previous winter. There were no new trees this year, either.

I attended one bonsai show at Morton Arboretum, but missed the big show at the Chicago Botanic Garden due to travel.

I didn’t take much time off in the first half of the year, but enjoyed having my parents visit during Summer. We spent some time with them in Milwaukee and upper Michigan before they headed to the next stop on their trip. Later, we went camping with the inlaws, and in December we headed to Florida for Christmas, visiting Daytona Beach, Saint Augustine, Epcot, Key West, and Legoland (including the new Legoland hotel).
I also had two week-long business trips in 2015, spending some time in Paris and Guadalajara. Alas, not as fun as they might sound.

I was fairly happy with my personal fitness in 2015. I made time for regular treadmill workouts, consistently exercising 3 times a week, except for travel weeks and when the treadmill died in February. Funnily enough, the treadmill died a week before its 10-year warranty expired, so we only had to pay for the labor cost of repairs.

That about sums it up for 2015. I like setting New Year’s goals, despite not always being able to meet them. Here’s what I’m planning for 2016:

– Number one goal this year is to complete my first novel. I’ve always wanted to have at least one under my belt before hitting 40, and time is fast running out!

– Further to the previous goal, I plan to focus on my writing this year, rather than sacrificing it for apps. This includes both writing more stories and substantially ramping up submissions.

– I plan to continue my usual exercise routine. It gets tougher with age, but the benefits are too great to pass up.

– I’d like to release my new shoot-em-up game on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. I’ve spent a bunch of time on the prototype, and I’d hate for all that effort to go to waste.

So, that’s it for another year. I hope 2015 treated you well, and best wishes for the New Year!

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Bonsai Album for PC v1.1.0.0 update now available

Bonsai Album for PC

Bonsai Album makes keeping track of your bonsai or penjing collection easy, whether you’re new to bonsai, a collector, a dealer, or even a bonsai master.

The Bonsai Album for PC v1.1.0.0 update is now available.

For existing customers, click ‘Check for Updates…’ in the Help menu within the app and follow the prompts to update.

This update contains the following changes:

  • Improved performance with large databases when switching between tabs.
  • Swapped Delete and Cancel button order on the item deletion alert.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

You can learn more about Bonsai Album at my website or on the Bonsai Album Facebook group.

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Introducing Bonsai Album for PC

Track your Bonsai tree collection on your Windows PC – Now Available!

Bonsai Album

Today I’m pleased to announce the release of my first PC app, Bonsai Album. If you’re into bonsai and are looking for a tool to make keeping track of your trees easier, you can’t go wrong with this.

Almost two years ago I announced my plans to bring my iOS and Mac app, Bonsai Album, to the Windows platform. At the time I thought all the pieces would fall into place, and I would be able to deliver this new app within a year. Well, things didn’t go quite so smoothly as I expected! Between juggling updates to my iOS and Mac apps, and learning app development over from scratch on a new platform, it took far longer than I’d imagined. I’m glad I persisted through the many hundreds of hours of challenges and frustration, though. I’m very happy with the end result.

The PC version is very similar to the Mac version. It includes printing. enhanced search capabilities, and data transfer to and from the iOS version over WiFi. I’ve also included some features requested from Beta testers, like duplicating bonsai entries, right-click context menus, displaying Last Repotted dates, and a host of other tweaks and improvements. Bonsai Album for PC also has a built-in crash-reporting mechanism and software update notifications.

Localization into multiple languages is very important for modern apps. I’ve localized the PC version of Bonsai Album into English (obviously!), Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. This also includes every aspect of the installation and ordering process. Clicking on any of the links below will take you to the information page for the app in each language:

English, 日本語, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, Português

To run Bonsai Album on your PC, you’ll need either Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. The app also requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 with the KB2468871 update patch. While I haven’t tested it with Windows 10 yet, I’ll be making any necessary updates for that once it’s released.

The download version initially runs in an unregistered trial mode, limited to 3 bonsai, 3 pots, and 3 logs, with 3 photos each. It will also only allow a single database to be open at a time, and database import is disabled. The full feature-set can be unlocked via purchase, either within the app or via my Web Store.

You can learn more about all the features of Bonsai Album here, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, or like Bonsai Album on Facebook.

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all the Beta testers for helping me polish the app, and to everyone else for their patience (especially family!) while I worked away on the app for years on end. I hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

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Álbum Bonsai – rastreie sua coleção de bonsai

Álbum Bonsai acompanha sua coleção Bonsai ou Penjing facilmente. Monitore o desenvolvimento de suas árvores ao longo de suas vidas, em seu PC!

Álbum Bonsai

Se você é novo no mundo do Bonsai, um colecionador ou um comerciante, Álbum Bonsai é a ferramenta ideal para organizar suas árvores, vasos, e notas.

Requisitos do Sistema:

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 com a atualização KB2468871.
  • Não tem certeza se Álbum Bonsai é para você? Experimente a versão de teste grátis disponível para download aqui.

    A versão para download está inicialmente em um modo de teste não registrado, limitado a 3 bonsai, 3 vasos e três entradas de log com 3 fotos cada. Também só permitirá uma única janela de banco de dados, a importação de banco de dados está desativada. Comprar uma licença dentro do app ou pela Loja Web desbloqueia a funcionalidade completa.

    Veja o que você pode fazer com Álbum Bonsai:

    – Registre detalhes das suas árvores, incluindo a idade, a origem, estilo, espécie e dimensões.
    – Selecione de mais de 200 nomes de espécies (nomes comuns e botânico), ou adicionar novas espécies.
    – Classifique árvores por nome ou espécie.
    – Armazene detalhes dos vasos, juntamente com fotos.
    – Acompanhe o estilo, fertilização e outros detalhes de cada árvore e vaso em entradas datadas.
    – Crie e edite lembretes de entrada de log vinculados ao seu calendário (requer Outlook 2010).
    – Use o campo de busca para procurar listas de bonsai, vasos e logs rapidamente.
    – Adicione várias fotos por vaso, árvore, e entrada.
    – Adicione legendas para cada foto.
    – Selecione as fotos que aparecem como miniatura principal para cada árvore ou vaso.
    – Veja fotos em uma vista de galeria em tamanho original ou em miniatura.
    – Reorganize fotos com suporte a seleção múltipla e arrastar e soltar.
    – Veja o histórico de cada árvore ou vaso, classificados por data.
    – Reveja as estatísticas de sua coleção.
    – Salva alterações automaticamente.
    – Imprima listas de bonsai, vasos ou logs, ou informações para um bonsai, vaso ou log específico.
    – Importação e exportação de banco de dados com WiFi para Álbum Bonsai em seu iPhone, iPad ou iPod touch.
    – Suporte de formato CSV para importar/exportar o banco de dados de seu Álbum Bonsai para e dos aplicativos de planilha do desktop.
    – Exportação de Relatório de Bonsai em HTML. Veja sua coleção no navegador de internet do seu computador. Ótimo para manter o controle de sua coleção para fins de inventário ou segurança.

    Quer monitorar suas árvores em qualquer lugar? Transfira seu banco de dados para e de Álbum Bonsai em seu iPhone, iPad ou iPod touch (disponível na App Store iOS).

    Por favor note que o Álbum Bonsai não vem pré-carregado com todas as fotos, nem inclui qualquer informação de cuidados com o bonsai e assim por diante. Ele só acompanha as informações e exibe fotos que você mesmo adicionou.

    Por favor, visite para mais informações sobre o Álbum Bonsai, incluindo informações para contato se quiser fazer perguntas, solicitar recursos, ou relatar problemas. Junte-se à página de Facebook para falar sobre o Álbum Bonsai com outros fãs.

Bonsai Album – lleve un seguimiento de su colección de árboles bonsái

Bonsai Album facilita el seguimiento de su colección de bonsái o penjing. ¡Realice el seguimiento del crecimiento de sus árboles durante su vida, en su PC!

Bonsai Album

Si es nuevo en el arte del Bonsai, coleccionista o vendedor, Bonsai Album es la herramienta ideal para organizar sus árboles, macetas y notas.

Requisitos del sistema:

¿Duda de que Bonsai Album sea para usted? Pruebe la versión de prueba gratuita disponible para descarga aquí.

La versión de descarga inicialmente está en modo de prueba sin registro y se limita a 3 bonsáis, 3 macetas y 3 entradas de registro con 3 fotos cada una. También permite solo una ventana de base de datos y no tiene habilitada la función de importación de bases de datos. La compra de una licencia, ya sea desde la aplicación o a través de Web Store desbloquea todas las funciones.

Esto es lo que puede hacer con Bonsai Album:

– Registrar datos de sus árboles, como edad, fuente, estilo, especie y dimensiones.
– Elegir entre más de 200 nombres de especies (con nombres comunes y botánicos), o añadir especies nuevas.
– Ordene los árboles por nombre o especie.
– Guardar datos de macetas, y también fotos.
– Registrar estilo, fertilización y otros eventos para cada árbol y maceta en entradas de registros con fecha.
– Cree y edite recordatorios de entrada de registros vinculados a su calendario (requiere Outlook 2010).
– Utilice el campo de búsqueda para buscar rápidamente listas de bonsáis, macetas y registros.
– Añadir varias fotos por árbol, maceta o entrada de registro.
– Añadir leyendas para cada foto.
– Seleccionar fotos para que aparezcan en la pantalla de miniaturas principal para cada árbol o maceta.
– Vea fotos en una vista de galería de tamaño completo o en miniatura.
– Vuelve a acomodar las fotos con la selección múltiple y la función arrastrar y colocar.
– Ver el historial de registros para cada árbol o maceta ordenados por fecha.
– Analizar las estadísticas de su colección.
– Guarde los cambios automáticamente.
– Imprima listas de bonsáis, macetas y registros o información sobre un bonsái, maceta o registro específico.
– Importe y exporte bases de datos a través de WiFi a Bonsai Album en su iPhone, iPad o iPod touch.
– Admite formato CSV para importar o exportar la base de datos de Bonsai Album desde y hacia aplicaciones de hojas de cálculo de escritorio.
– Exportación de informes en HTML de Bonsai. Vea su colección en el explorador web de su equipo. Ideal para llevar un seguimiento de su colección por razones de inventario o seguro.

¿Desea realizar el seguimiento de sus árboles sobre la marcha? Transfiera su base de datos hacia y desde Bonsai Album en su iPhone, iPad o iPod touch (disponible en iOS App Store).

Tenga en cuenta por favor que Bonsai Album no viene con ninguna clase de fotos cargadas, y tampoco incluye información sobre el cuidado del bonsái ni nada por el estilo. Solo rastrea información y muestra las fotos que usted mismo carga.

Por favor, visite para obtener más información sobre Bonsai Album, como datos de contacto para realizar preguntas, pedir funciones o informar cualquier problema. Únase a la página de Facebook para hablar de Bonsai Album con otros fans.

Bonsai Album – Erfassen Sie Ihre Bonsai-Baum-Sammlung

Bonsai Album macht das Erfassen Ihrer Bonsai- oder Penjing-Sammlung einfach. Erfassen Sie die Entwicklung Ihrer Bäume deren gesamtes Leben lang, auf Ihrem PC!

Bonsai Album

Egal, ob Bonsai für Sie neu ist, Sie ein Sammler oder Händler sind, Bonsai Album ist das ideale Tool zur Verwaltung Ihrer Bäume, Schalen und Notizen.


Nicht sicher, ob Bonsai Album etwas für Sie ist? Testen Sie diese kostenlose Probeversion, die hier zum Download bereit steht.

Die Download-Version ist anfangs im nicht registrierten Testmodus und auf 3 Bonsai-, 3 Schalen- und 3 Stamm-Einträge mit je 3 Fotos beschränkt. Sie ermöglicht auch nur ein einzelnes Datenbankfenster und der Datenbank-Import ist deaktiviert. Wenn Sie eine Lizenz entweder von der App aus oder über den Web Store kaufen, werden sämtliche Funktionen freigeschaltet.

Dies können Sie mit Bonsai Album machen:

– Zeichnen Sie Details über Ihre Bäume, inklusive Alter, Quelle, Stile, Spezies und Maße, auf.
– Wählen Sie aus über 200 Speziesnamen (mit gewöhnlichen und botanischen Namen) oder fügen Sie neue Spezies hinzu.
– Sortieren Sie Bäume nach Name oder Spezies.
– Speichern Sie Schalendetails mit Fotos.
– Erfassen Sie Gestaltung, Düngung und andere Ereignisse für jeden Baum und jede Schale in datierten Protokolleinträgen.
– Erstellen und bearbeiten Sie Protokolleintragserinnerungen, die mit Ihrem Kalender verbunden sind (erfordert Outlook 2010)
– Benutzen Sie das Suchfeld, um die Bonsai-, Schalen- und Stamm-Listen schnell zu durchsuchen.
– Fügen Sie mehrere Fotos per Baum, Schale und Protokolleintrag hinzu.
– Fügen Sie jedem Foto eine Bildunterschrift hinzu.
– Wählen Sie Fotos aus, die für jeden Baum oder jede Schale in der Haupt-Miniaturansicht erscheinen sollen.
– Sehen Sie sich Fotos in einer Galerieansicht mit Vollbildern oder im Miniaturformat an.
– Ordnen Sie Fotos mit Mehrfachauswahl und Drag-and-Drop-Unterstützung neu an.
– Sehen Sie sich für jeden Baum oder jede Schale den Protokollverlauf, sortiert nach Datum, an.
– Prüfen Sie Statistiken für Ihre Sammlung.
– Speichern Sie Änderungen automatisch.
– Drucken Sie Bonsai-, Schalen oder Stamm-Listen oder Informationen für einen bestimmten Bonsai, eine bestimmte Schale oder einen bestimmten Stamm.
– Datenbank-Import und -Export über WLAN an Bonsai-Alben auf Ihrem iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch.
– CSV-Format-Unterstützung zum Import/Export Ihrer Bonsai-Album-Datenbank in und aus Desktop-Tabellen-Anwendungen.
– Bonsai-Bericht-HTML-Export. Sehen Sie sich Ihre Sammlung im Webbrowser Ihres Computers an. Toll, um die Übersicht über den Bestand Ihrer Sammlung zu behalten oder zu Versicherungszwecken.

Sie möchten unterwegs den Überblick über Ihre Bäume behalten? Übertragen Sie Ihre Datenbank aus dem und ins Bonsai Album auf Ihrem iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch (auch im iOS App Store verfügbar).

Bitte beachten Sie, dass in Bonsai Album keine vorgeladenen Fotos sind und dass die App auch keine Bonsai-Pflegeinformationen und so weiter enthält. Sie erfasst nur Informationen und zeigt Fotos an, die Sie selbst hinzugefügt haben.

Bitte besuchen Sie um weitere Informationen über Bonsai Album zu erhalten, inklusive Kontaktdetails, um Fragen zu stellen, Funktionswünsche zu äußern oder Probleme zu melden. Werden Sie Fan unserer Facebook-Seite, um mit anderen Fans über Bonsai Album zu sprechen.

Bonsai Album – segui la tua collezione di alberi bonsai

Bonsai Album permette di seguire in modo semplice il tuo bonsai o la tua collezione Penjing. Segui lo sviluppo delle tue piante lungo tutta la loro vita, sul tuo PC!

Bonsai Album

Sia che tu sia un principiante, un collezionista o un rivenditore di bonsai, Bonsai Album sarà lo strumento ideale per avere sotto controllo i tuoi alberi, i vasi e le note a riguardo.

Requisiti di sistema:

Non sei sicuro se Bonsai Album fa per te? Prova la versione gratuita scaricabile qui.

La versione scaricabile è inizialmente in modalità di prova non registrata, limitata a 3 bonsai, 3 vasi e 3 registrazioni con 3 foto ciascuno. Consente inoltre solo una singola finestra database e l’importazione database è disabilitata. L’acquisto di una licenza sia dall’app stessa sia tramite Web Store ne sblocca la funzionalità completa.

Ecco cosa puoi fare con Bonsai Album:

– Registrare i dettagli sugli alberi, compresi età, origine, stile, specie e dimensioni.
– Selezionare tra oltre 200 nomi di specie (con i nomi comuni e quelli botanici) oppure aggiungere nuove specie.
– Classifica le piante per nome o specie.
– Registrare i dettagli sui vasi con foto.
– Tracciare la potatura, la concimazione e altre operazioni sotto forma di voce con la data, per ogni albero e vaso.
– Crea e modifica voci di promemoria collegate al tuo calendario (richiede Outlook 2010).
– Usa il campo ricerca per cercare rapidamente bonsai, vaso, e liste di registrazione.
– Aggiungere diverse foto per ogni albero, vaso e voce registrata.
– Aggiungere le didascalie alle foto.
– Selezionare le foto di ogni albero o vaso in modo che appaiano sul display principale delle anteprime.
– Vedi le foto in vista galleria a dimensione piena, o come anteprima.
– Riorganizza le foto tramite selezione multipla e supporto trascina e rilascia.
– Vedere la cronologia in base alla data delle registrazioni per ogni albero o vaso.
– Rivedere le statistiche della tua collezione.
– Salva i cambiamenti automaticamente.
– Stampa bonsai, vaso, o liste di registrazione, oppure informazioni su un particolare bonsai, vaso o registrazione.
– Importazione ed esportazione database tramite Wi-Fi nel Bonsai Album sul tuo iPhone, iPad, o iPod touch.
– Importare / esportare il database del tuo Bonsai Album in formato CSV, al/dal foglio elettronico del desktop delle applicazioni.
– Esportazione HTML di Bonsai Report. Vedi la tua collezione sul browser web del tuo computer. Un ottimo espediente per tracciare la tua collezione, per fare l’inventario o per l’assicurazione.

Vuoi seguire le tue piante in qualsiasi momento? Trasferisci il tuo database nel e dal Bonsai Album sul tuo iPhone, iPad, o iPod touch (disponibile in iOS App Store).

Nota che Bonsai Album non ha foto precaricate, né comprende informazioni sulla cura dei bonsai o simili. Segue e mostra solo le informazioni che hai aggiunto tu.

Per maggiori informazioni su Bonsai Album visita in cui troverai i dettagli per contattarci e per porci domande, richiedere le caratteristiche o per inviarci qualsiasi messaggio. Registrati sulla nostra pagina su Facebook per discutere con gli altri fan di Bonsai Album.

Bonsai Album – suivez votre collection de bonsaï

Bonsai Album rend le suivi de votre collection de bonsaï ou de penjing bien plus simple. Suivez le développement de vos arbres tout au long de leur vie, sur votre PC !

Bonsai Album

Que vous soyez un novice, un collectionneur ou un revendeur, Bonsai Album est l’outil idéal pour organiser la gestion de vos arbres, pots et notes.

Configuration requise :

Pas sûr que Bonsaï Album soit faite pour vous ? Essayez la version d’essai gratuite disponible en téléchargement ici.

La version téléchargée est d’abord en mode d’évaluation non enregistré, limitée à 3 bonsaïs, 3 pots, et 3 entrées de journal avec 3 photos chacun. Vous n’aurez droit qu’à une seule fenêtre de base de données et l’importation de bases de données est désactivée. En achetant une licence soit directement dans l’app ou soit via le Web Store vous débloquerez toutes les fonctionnalités.

Voici tout ce que vous pouvez faire avec Bonsai Album :

– Enregistrez les données de vos arbres, y compris leur âge, origine, style, espèce et dimensions.
– Choisissez parmi plus de 200 noms d’espèces (avec les noms communs ou botaniques) ou ajoutez de nouvelles espèces.
– Triez les arbres par nom ou espèce.
– Stockez les données des pots, ainsi que des photos.
– Suivez le façonnage, l’engraissage et tous les autres évènements pour chaque arbre et pot grâce à des entrées datées dans votre journal.
– Créez et modifiez des rappels dans votre journal relié à votre calendrier. (requiert Outlook 2010).
– Utilisez le champ de recherche pour effectuer une recherche rapide dans les listes des bonsaïs, pots et journaux.
– Ajoutez de multiples photos par arbre, pot et entrée dans votre journal.
– Ajoutez une légende à chaque photo .
– Sélectionnez les photos qui apparaitront sur la miniature principale de chaque arbre ou pot.
– Afficher les photos dans une galerie en plein écran ou en miniature.
– Réarrange photos avec une sélection multiple et la prise en charge du glisser-déplacer.
– Affichez l’historique pour chaque arbre ou pot, trié par date.
– Vérifiez les statistiques de votre collection.
– Enregistre les modifications automatiquement.
– Imprimez les listes des bonsaïs, pots ou journaux ou les informations d’un bonsaï, pot ou journal en particulier.
– Importation et exportation des bases de données par Wifi vers Bonsaï Album sur votre iPhone, iPad, ou iPod touch.
– Prise en charge du format CSV pour importer / exporter votre base de données Bonsai Album vers et depuis les applications de tableur.
– Exportation du rapport HTML de Bonsaï. Visualisez votre collection sur le navigateur Web de votre ordinateur. Super pour suivre votre collection pour des besoins d’inventaire ou d’assurance.

Vous souhaitez suivre vos arbres de n’importe où ? Transférez votre base de données vers et depuis Bonsaï Album sur votre iPhone, iPad, ou iPod touch (disponible sur l’App Store iOS).

Veuillez noter que Bonsai Album ne contient pas de photos pré-téléchargées. Elle ne contient pas non plus d’informations sur les soins à apporter aux bonsaï. Elle ne permet que de suivre les informations et d’afficher les photos que vous aurez ajouté vous-même.

Consultez pour plus d’informations sur Bonsai Album, y compris les coordonnées pour nous contactez pour poser des questions, demander des fonctionnalités ou signaler un problème. Rejoignez la page Facebook page pour parler de Bonsai Album avec d’autres fans.