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Announcing Bonsai Album for Android

Bonsai Album (Android)

Ever since releasing Bonsai Album on the iOS App Store in late 2011, I’ve had requests for an Android version. Bonsai Album is my bonsai tree collection tracking database app, currently available for iOS, Mac, and PC. With Bonsai Album you can keep track of your trees, pots, notes and more, with multiple photos and reporting functionality.

I keep revisiting the possibility of an Android version, but from previous investigations it seemed like it would be a painful and costly exercise. My response has always been that I have no plans for an Android version.

Well, today I’m eating my words and announcing Bonsai Album for Android!

What changed? Well, among other things the development tools and Google Play have improved greatly over the past few years. Google has also recently changed how they handle sales taxes and VAT for developers. A couple of the big ‘pain points’ have now been addressed. There’s still the hassle of attempting to provide support for thousands of different Android devices, many of which are running old and outdated software. To counter that, I plan to support only more recent versions of Android (probably 4.x or higher) and make use of the available Android emulation tools.

Since I’m starting development from scratch, I anticipate a steep learning curve and many hurdles along the way. I don’t yet have a good idea of an expected launch date.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bonsai Album for Android as development progresses, visit the Bonsai Album Facebook page or sign up below to be notified via email closer to app launch.

Please Note: I won’t give away or sell your email address to anyone. Your email address will be used only for my app newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

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Announcing Orchid Album for PC


Since releasing Orchid Album on the iOS App Store last year, I’ve had requests for a Windows PC version. Over the past few years I’ve been working on some other PC apps, but didn’t have the time to work on a PC version of Orchid Album. With the recent release of Bonsai Album for PC and Story Tracker for PC, I’ve finally had a chance to ponder the possibility.

Today I’m pleased to announce my plans to bring Orchid Album to Windows PCs!

Windows versions from XP SP3 through to Windows 8.1 will be supported. I also plan to make any necessary modifications for Windows 10 support, once that’s released. The app will contain many of the features of the iOS version, with the addition of some new features like enhanced search and printing capabilities. You’ll be able to transfer your database to and from the iOS version via WiFi, too.

I’m currently hard at work localizing the iOS version into French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese for the version 1.3 update. These languages will also be supported in the PC version.

If you’re interested in learning more about Orchid Album for PC as development progresses, visit the Orchid Album Facebook page or sign up below to be notified via email closer to app launch.

UPDATE: Orchid Album for PC is now available!

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Bonsai Album for Mac v1.2 update now available

Bonsai Album for Mac

Bonsai Album makes keeping track of your bonsai or penjing collection easy, whether you’re new to bonsai, a collector, a dealer, or even a bonsai master.

The Bonsai Album for Mac v1.2 update is now available on the Mac App Store.

For direct purchase customers, click ‘Check for Updates…’ in the Bonsai Album menu within the app and follow the prompts to update.

This update contains the following changes:

  • User interface improvements.
  • The main Log list is now divided by year and month.
  • Botanical names are now shown in italics.
  • Bug fixes.

If you’re enjoying the app, please take a moment to rate or review it on the Mac App Store!

You can learn more about Bonsai Album at my website or on the Bonsai Album Facebook group.

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Artwork Tracker for Mac Preview

Track your artwork collection on your Mac – Coming Soon!

Back in May I announced Artwork Tracker for Mac. The app has reached the point where I’m now able to give you an early look at how things are coming along. This is close to the final interface, and as you can see, it’s designed to look similar to the iOS version.

The Mac version will include some additional features like printing and support for Mac Retina displays. You’ll also be able to transfer data between the Mac and iOS versions over WiFi.

I’m planning to release Artwork Tracker for Mac for direct sale on my website, as well as through the Mac App Store. There’ll also be a free trial version available for download, with similar limitations to the iOS Lite version.

The app should be complete later this year. If Artwork Tracker for Mac sounds interesting (and you’d possibly like to participate in the Beta test!), you might want to sign up to the mailing list below.

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