In my previous post I briefly mentioned I’d begun work on a new iPhone / iPad app. It’ll be a Universal app, meaning it’ll work on any of your iDevices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) at no extra cost. I’ve since completed the design work and I’m presently knee-deep in code. This will be another productivity app, this time for artists and art collectors. At this time all I can say is that it’s not yet another painting app, or a gallery of fine art or photography. While I do enjoy such apps, I’ve decided to work on something different. I think this one will be quite unique 🙂

I’m hoping for a relatively short development cycle of a few months, although it’s possible the app won’t be ready for release until later this year. We’ll see how I go.

Rather than keep everyone in the dark about my new app until the day of release, I’ve decided to provide a proverbial ‘peek behind the curtain’ to whoever is interested. This will take the form of an email newsletter: the Apps Newsletter. Subscribers to the newsletter will be the first to see screenshots and other details about the new app, along with news about updates to my existing app, Story Tracker, and other new apps in development. Newsletter updates should be fairly infrequent, so there’s no need to worry about your Inbox being flooded with app news!

So if you’re a working artist, a collector of art, a Story Tracker user, or just plain curious, you can subscribe to my newsletter by filling out the following form. After clicking the Subscribe button you’ll receive an email requesting confirmation, to ensure you really did mean to subscribe.

Please Note: I won’t give away or sell your email address to anyone. Your email address will be used only for my app newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. To unsubscribe from the mailing list, click here. Both the newsletter sign-up form and the unsubscribe link can also be found on the Contact page on my site.

I’m excited about working on this new app and providing a productivity tool that I genuinely believe will be useful for artists and art collectors alike. I look forward to keeping you updated as development progresses!

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