The Bonsai Album v1.7 update is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Bonsai Album makes keeping track of your bonsai or penjing collection easy, whether you’re new to bonsai, a collector, a dealer, or even a bonsai master.

Bonsai Album

This update contains the following changes:

Note: This update requires iOS 4.3 or higher!

  • Added iOS 6 support
  • Support for new high-resolution iPhone 5 and iPod touch displays
  • Greatly improved app startup time with large databases. The app will take longer to start the first time after updating to this version, but will start faster thereafter. This is due to the database upgrade
  • Added Portuguese localization
  • Improved German localization of bonsai terms
  • Updated German CSV template
  • Improved data saving behavior
  • Fixed non-Retina iPad tab bar texture
  • Added database integrity check and repair of database corruption
  • Prevent automatic screen-locking during database transfer over WiFi
  • Added iTunes File Sharing support
  • Bug fixes

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You can learn more about Bonsai Album at my website or on the Bonsai Album Facebook group.