The Artwork Tracker v2.0 update is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Artwork Tracker is an indispensable mobile app for artists, art collectors, or art dealers. Keep track of artwork and submissions on the go, with access to all your data and full-screen artwork at your fingertips.

Artwork Tracker

This update contains the following changes:

  • Upgraded the database to remove the 2 photo per Artwork limitation. The only limit is the space available on your device (or 5 photos with the Lite version). The app may take much longer to launch the first time following the update, especially if you have a large database
  • The Artwork Report now allows more than 2 photos per Artwork
  • Added a photo grid screen accessible from the Photos button on the Artwork Info screen. This shows all photos associated with a particular Artwork
  • Photos can now be rearranged. In the photo grid view for any Artwork, long press (not tap) the photo and drag it to the new position
  • The Artwork Info screen now has 5 main photo slots on iPad. To view the complete set of photos for any Artwork, tap the Photos button on the Artwork Info screen
  • The main photo slots reflect the order on the Artwork Info Photos screen
  • Added support for text captions for each photo. These can be edited by tapping the speech balloon icon when viewing photos full-screen
  • Added a search bar on the Artwork, Clients, and Submissions lists
  • Updated the CSV template to remove the photo index fields for Artworks (these fields are now unsupported)
  • Improved Bluetooth keyboard support
  • Bug fixes
  • The database can now be transferred directly from Artwork Tracker Lite to the full version. Use the “Export to Full App” button on the Tools screen
  • Renamed the Artwork Tracker DB format to ADBI and added ADBI file-type association
  • Transfer the complete database between devices (iPad / iPhone / iPod) over WiFi via Artwork Tracker ADBI-format support:
    1. Select Backup Database on the first device.
    2. Enter the address into the web browser on the second device.
    3. Tap the “artworktracker.adbi” link and wait for the file to download.
    4. Tap the Open in “ArtworkTrack” button.
    5. Artwork Tracker will load. Tap Restore to transfer the complete database.

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You can learn more about Artwork Tracker at my website or on the Artwork Tracker Facebook group.