Story Tracker for Mac

Story Tracker for Mac brings all of the features of the iOS app to the Mac, with some nice additions including enhanced search, and printing capabilities. If you have a fancy new MacBook Pro with Retina display, you’ll also enjoy how Story Tracker looks in high-resolution.

To run Story Tracker you’ll need either Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.6), Lion (OS X 10.7.x), or Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8.x).

A free trial version is available from my site. The trial version is limited to 5 stories, 5 markets, and 5 submissions. In trial mode you can only have a single database window open at a time, and database import is disabled.

If you’d prefer to purchase direct from the developer rather than the Mac App Store, you may purchase a license either within the trial version of the app or via the Web Store. This unlocks the complete functionality, equivalent to the Mac App Store version. It also includes an updating mechanism, so you’ll get early access to new features and bug fixes.

You can find more details including screenshots and the full list of features here. I’m running a launch sale on the app for a limited time, both on the Mac App Store and via my site. If purchasing direct, be sure to take advantage of the provided coupon code!

I’d like to thank all the fantastic Beta testers who helped refine the app into its final form. The feedback I received was excellent, and having other people supplement my testing helped identify some problem areas I would have missed. I’d also like to thank you (yes, you!) for your patience as the app made its long journey through development and eventual submission to Apple, finally reaching the Mac App Store.

I hope you find Story Tracker a useful addition to your Mac writing toolbox, and I welcome any feature suggestions or comments you may have. And if you can spare a moment, please review the app on the Mac App Store and let others know what you think.

Happy Writing!