Flapalope Gold available on the App Store

For anyone who has ever dreamed a jackalope could fly… pilot the world’s finest cryptozoological creature through perilous terrain, with Flapalope Gold!

Flapalope Gold is now available on the App Store, for those who appreciate a more refined, ad-free flying jackalope experience. If you’re curious what this remarkable game is all about, there’s more details in my earlier blog posts.

For those of you crying out for a desktop version, never fear. I’m putting the finishing touches on a Mac version, coming soon to the Mac App Store!

You can reach me with any game-related enquiries via email at games at andrewnicolle dot com, or on Twitter I’m @andrewnicolle. Like Flapalope at the Facebook page.

If you’re enjoying Flapalope Gold, please spare a moment to leave a review on the App Store. Reviews really help. Thanks, and enjoy!

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