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Artwork Tracker v1.9 update now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The Artwork Tracker v1.9 update is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Artwork Tracker is a must-have mobile app for artists, art collectors, or art dealers. Keep track of artwork and submissions on the go, with access to all your data and full-screen artwork at your fingertips.

Artwork Tracker

This update contains the following changes:

  • Fixed truncation bug affecting decimal number fields
  • Fixed photo grid layout bugs
  • Localized decimal numbers on info and statistics screens, in CSV output, and in artwork reports

If you’re enjoying the app, please take a moment to rate or review it on the App Store!

You can learn more about Artwork Tracker at my website or on the Artwork Tracker Facebook group.

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Bonsai Album for Mac Preview

Track your Bonsai tree collection on your Mac – Coming Soon!

It has been several months since I announced Bonsai Album for Mac, so I thought it was time for an early peek at how things are coming along. This is close to the final interface, and as you can see, it looks similar to the iOS version.

The Mac version will include some additional features like printing. enhanced search capabilities, and support for Mac Retina displays. You’ll also be able to transfer data between the Mac and iOS versions over WiFi. The app will be localized into multiple languages, including English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. I’m hoping to provide support for all these languages in the first version, but it may take longer than expected.

I’m planning to release the app for direct sale via my website, as well as through the Mac App Store. There’ll also be a free trial version available for download, with similar limitations to the iOS Lite version.

I don’t yet have a firm release date in mind, but early 2013 looks like a distinct possibility. If Bonsai Album for Mac sounds interesting, you might want to sign up to the mailing list below.