The Artwork Tracker v1.1 update is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Artwork Tracker

In addition to fixes for some annoying bugs, this update adds a bunch of new features:

  • New field for clients (client type)

  • Two new fields for submissions (exhibited and submission type)

  • New reserved state for submission status
  • Larger artwork thumbnails for iPhone/iPod

  • Artist name displayed for each artwork

  • Added settings option to sort artwork by artist name

  • Artwork status icons
  • Larger notes fields on iPad

  • Larger field size for new medium entry

  • Artist name picker

If you like what you see, please spare a moment to rate or review the app on the App Store. Every review helps! And if you know of any publications or web sites for artists, art dealers, or collectors that might be interested in reviewing the app, let me know. Thus far Artwork Tracker hasn’t had any media coverage to speak of.

I’d like to thank all the artists and collectors who are using the app and have provided some great comments and suggestions. Your feedback is much appreciated!

You can learn more about Artwork Tracker at my website or on the Artwork Tracker Facebook group.